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CEO Soon Jae Park, PhD

CEO Soon Jae Park, PhD has over 25 years of experience in R&D of biomedicine. He started working as a senior researcher at LG Chemical and later LG Life Sciences, and successfully developed recombinant biomedicines such as human growth hormone, erythropoietin, and hepatitis vaccine. As a global leader in the field of biosimilars, he succeeded in obtaining the European approval for human growth hormone biosimilar in 2006.
In his later years at LG Life Sciences, he managed overseas business development and partnering, and licensing-out, creating business network with various pharmaceutical and biotech companies and accumulating experiences in business development.
After working at LG Life Sciences, he aided Hanwha Group to begin its antibody biosimilar business by constructing relevant organizations and pipeline. Afterwards, he worked as a professional entrepreneur of Binex, acquiring private-sector operation right to operate KBCC, a consigned biomedicine production facility of Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea.
In 2008, he started Alteogen with Dr. Hye-Shin Chung, and was inaugurated as CEO in 2010.
He is acknowledged as one of the leading figures in Korea for R&D and commercialization of biomedicine, as being selected as one of the ‘Top 100 technologies and the people in 60 years of Korean History,’ awarded by National Academy Engineering of Korea in 2010.

Management Board

Hye-Shin Chung

Dr. Hye-Shin Chung, PhD studied structure and functions of proteins for over 28 years. Beginning career at LG Chemical and later LG Life Sciences, she became a professor at Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Hannam University since 1995, and is serving as CTO of Alteogen. Her life-long studies on protein structure and function are the foundation of Alteogen’s core technologies.
She also worked as a director at companies like Genexine and Peptron. Since founding Alteogen with Dr. Park in 2008, she served as CEO of Alteogen until Dr. Park was inaugurated as the CEO in 2010.

Arun Swaminathan
CBO, Senior Vice President, PhD

Dr Arun brings over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry across commercial, business development and clinical roles. He Co-founded Lynkogen Inc, a pre-clinical biotech company currently developing assets licensed from Alteogen. He continues to remain the CEO of Lynkogen. While at Bristol Myers Squibb, his experiences included, shaping the early commercial strategy for several cardiovascular assets including ELIQUIS ® (~$2B), launch of NULOJIX ® in US market and driving the growth of in-line brands such as ORENCIA ® (~$2B). He also led the commercial assessment and scouting of several successful in-licensing opportunities. While at Covance, he headed marketing for their clinical business (~$1B). In addition, he has direct R&D experience in developing products from pre-IND through NDA. He is now leading the Global Business Development of Alteogen.

Moon Hwan Park
CFO, Senior Vice President

Senior Vice President Moon Hwan Park previously managed tasks by supporting and working on management innovation activities and business development for subsidiaries at the Chairman’s Office of LG Group. Afterwards, he worked as an investment-managing officer and CFO in the VC industry, successfully conducting management support, M&A, and business support for promoting corporate value of invested companies.

Seung Joo Lee
CTO, Vice President, Head of R&D center

He started his professional career in 1991 as a research scientist at LG Chem. Until July 2018 in LG Chem, he had contributed in the development of first-generation biopharmaceuticals, biosimilars, hyaluronic acid products, and platform technologies for antibody therapeutics, biobetter and cell-based gene therapy as a team leader and head of R&D center. He also had worked about four years for another Korean venture company, Aprogen where he was charge of developing CMC of the biosimilars and novel protein therapeutics until he came back to LG Chem in 2012. In August 2018, he finally joined Alteogen and is responsible for CMC and clinical development as Head of R&D Center, to expedite the global development of Alteogen products.

Kyeong-Hoon Jeong
CAO, Vice President, Head of Business Development, PhD

Dr. Kyeong-Hoon Jeong, PhD worked for LG Chemical Biotech Institute with Drs. Park and Chung. Back then, he served as a scientific researcher for recombinant therapeutic proteins and diagnostic kit developments. Later he got his PhD degree at Boston University, before he started working as a post-doc and an instructor in medicine (junior faculty) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School. After he returned back to Korea, he worked as a chief scientist, a chief science officer, or a research professor in industry and academia, in the field of novel drug development. He is now leading the Business Development of Alteogen.

Min Suk Lee
Vice President, Head of Strategic Planning, PhD

Vice President Min Suk Lee, who began his career at Samsung Group, had overall experience in biomedicine, including development, quality management, permit tasks of erythropoietin, combined vaccine, granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, and so on, at Pharmaceutical Business Unit of CJ CheilJedang.
Afterwards, he worked in a venture capital, managing technological evaluation and investment for venture companies and overseas licensing in biotechnology.
To revitalize the domestic and overseas networks, he recently hosted company IR and overseas bio exhibition at Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization, supporting global expansion of domestic companies. Notably, he took up proactive roles in hosting multiple events and attracting businesses at Osong International Bio Industry Exposition which was held at Osong in 2014, receiving merit award for the Expo from the Governor of Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea, and published reports on bioindustry regarding antibody and natural compound drugs. He worked in a bio venture company related to natural compounds, raising corporate value of bio-companies in business development unit. He is now focusing on the same strategy in Alteogen.

Kyuwan Kim
Vice President, Head of Bioprocess Group

Beginning his career as a researcher of LG Chemistry and later LG Life Sciences, Vice President Kyuwan Kim spearheaded R&D and commercialization of mixed vaccine, HIB vaccine, and other vaccines as the leader of vaccine research team. He also led projects for process improvement for human growth hormone, hepatitis B vaccine, and milk promotion hormone, etc.. After 22 years of career at LG Life Sciences, he is currently managing process development as the Head of Bioprocess Group at Alteogen.

Sang Mee Lee
Vice President, Head of Biobetter Group

Working for 10 years at LG Chemistry and later LG Life Sciences research center with core personnel of Alteogen, including Dr. Park, Vice President Sang Mee Lee managed research on biomedicine and successfully commercialized recombinant protein drugs such as hepatitis vaccine and anticancer supplements.
From 2004 to 2007, she studied biomedicine in universities and bio companies in the US. Participating in the foundation of Alteogen, she is currently managing biobetter development projects as the Head of Biobetter Group.